easter 2016 part one

We had a great time celebrating Easter with friends and family over the last couple weeks. Knoxville certainly knows how to celebrate the holidays around town with endless hunts and festivals. We headed out to the University of Tennessee Botanical Gardens a couple weeks ago for the Wild Bird Eggstravaganza, a food-free egg hunt in support of children with allergies. We learned all about birds, painted eggs, built bird houses and nests to take home, and a few other crafts. The kids even planted their first real plants, broccoli for Reese and peas for Preston! A big hit indeed! Now I just need to figure out how to keep them alive having the blackest thumb you ever did see…




The boys were tired so we left them at home for naps and headed back out for milkshakes and to see the 4-H animals. We love this opportunity to cuddle animals and take some photos each year, all in support of our local 4-H. She left longing for a chick to cuddle at home…until we discussed that chicks poop and poop in your bed…We also went to the annual Knoxville Moms Blog Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday and managed to squeeze in an anniversary date Sunday night.



Easter weekend was spent festival-hopping (no pun intended). Creed had been out of town but managed to rearrange his travel to come home for the holiday weekend. The kids were super excited Daddy was able to come to most of the activities too! We ventured out with friends to one of our favorite places, Riverview Family Farm, on Good Friday. The picturesque farm is set out on the lake, complete with a cove and their very own clay beach, a large dreamy barn, and big open fields full of activities. We got our faces painted, indulged in fried Oreos and snow cones, hunted eggs, and much more.


Daddy had to miss and she and her sass refused to open her eyes so this is the best we have for an attempt at a partial family photo…




Best buds


More from the rest of our weekend including breakfast “down-on-the-farm” up soon!


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